SAN DIEGO — More than 1,200 flights to and from US airports have been canceled and another 1,200 have been delayed because of winter weather across the country. 

Even though it’s sunny in San Diego, the airport is also being impacted. Thursday is the day airport travel dramatically increases at the San Diego International Airport. 

It’s been busy and a bit disappointing for many travelers so far. Affected are flights going to Chicago, Denver, New York and Minneapolis to name a few. This applies to flights that are arriving from those areas as well.

Airport officials encourage travelers to check their flight status, arrive early and pack their patience. Thomas Candelaria and his parents have had to do just that.

“We booked our flight a few weeks ago. We are supposed to have a family gathering in New York City and we’ve been tracking the storm, hoping we would avoid it, but we’re caught up in it so it’s caused us to be three hours delayed, “ he said.

TSA has reminded travelers to not wrap any gifts unless you are checking them in.