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SAN DIEGO — A winter storm is approaching San Diego County and with snow likely in the local mountains, California Highway Patrol is reminding the public to practice good “snow etiquette.”

Here is what you should know before venturing out on the road.


  • CHP will have a check point either at Sunrise Highway at Old Highway 80 or two miles north of Old Highway 80 on Sunrise Highway near Graffiti Rock. Officers will be checking all vehicles, including those with all-wheel-drive, for snow chains.
  • State Route 79 from Descanso to Julian may also have a check point, depending on road and weather conditions.

Chain control

  • Only vehicles with chains will be allowed access. The installation of chains may be required at the checkpoint.

Winter weather can cause dangerous conditions on the road that can be frightening for drivers and passengers. AAA has some tips to make sure your drive is safe.

Things to do before heading out:

  • Check the weather
  • Notify someone where you are going and the route you are taking
  • Make sure you tires are properly inflated and tread is not balding
  • Check you fuel levels, make sure the tank is at least half full
  • Keep warm clothing, blankets, flashlight, extra food, water, and medications in your vehicle and more

Things to be cautious of while on the road:

  • Drive slower than usual to account for lower traction when snow or ice is present on the roadways
  • Do not use cruise control on slippery surfaces, including ice and snow
  • Accelerate and break slowly so you do not lose traction, keep in mind it takes longer to slow down on an iced over road
  • Don’t apply more gas when going uphill as more power will cause you wheels to spin
  • Don’t stop while driving up a hill on an icey road.

If you get stuck in the snow:

  • Stay in your vehicle
  • Make sure your vehicle is visible to other drivers
  • Make sure you exhaust pipe is cleared
  • Stay warm by insulating your body with whatever is available if you don’t have proper cold-weather clothing, you can use floor mats, newspapers or paper maps.
  • Conserve fuel, only run the engine long enough remove the chill
  • Don’t over exert yourself while trying to dig you car out, if you get tired call it quits and attempt to keep warm

During the winter, storms and bad weather causing dangerous road conditions contribute to half a million crashes and over 2000 deaths on the road every year, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

For more information on winter driving tips, click here.