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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A darling neighborhood that’s come to be known as Christmas Circle on Whitney Lane in Chula Vista took a beating Tuesday from a strong winter storm.

Heavy rain was coming down sideways and strong winds knocked over lights and decorations on house after house. A tree even toppled over near one home.

“It’s rained every year that we’ve done this, and we’ve done it for 64 years,” resident Judith Sullivan said.  

Sullivan and her husband have lived at their home for 50 years. She says they’re not letting a little rain damper their holiday spirit as upwards of 47,000 vehicles drive through their beautifully decorated neighborhood in the two weeks surrounding Christmas.

“I love this time of the year because everybody comes together,” Sullivan said. “My husband, right now, is trying to figure out how we’re going to put a pole in there for her to string the lights back up, so that’s the next step.” 

The neighborhood has been decking out their homes for Christmas for the last 64 years. Sullivan’s husband, who resembles a very famous man who travels the world on Christmas Eve, loves the tradition as much as she does.

However, he admits it’s a lot of work, and when the weather isn’t cooperating, even more so.

“Tonight it will be really hard to put stuff up because of the wet, they just don’t want to blow up,” Sullivan’s husband said.

Still, that won’t stop them from making sure their decorations are ready for the strolling children that make the season magical. 

“It’s just fun, you have kids coming around,” Sullivan said. “We have nothing more than a blowup Santa and dog…they will stand and stare at it. They love the ones that move. It’s just fun to watch them.”