SAN DIEGO — The oppressive heat wave has been relentless and even on the coasts water temperatures are providing little relief.

Del Mar posted 79-degree water temperatures and La Jolla registered 82 degrees.

“82-degree water temperatures can support a hurricane. If a hurricane came along 82-degree Fahrenheit water, it would arrive at full strength,” said Professor Pat Abbott from San Diego State University.

All the while, Hurricane Kay is creeping north from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Experts believe San Diego is unlikely to see a direct hit from the storm, but they are watching Kay closely.

“I’m not going to say worry about, but know that it could happen and think about it…” Abbott said. “Take precautions if you are in a place where running water can get to you.”

There have been three registered hurricanes to hit San Diego in the last 150 years. Weather experts say most likely Kay will lose energy by the time the storm hits San Diego. 

“A dying hurricane can cause heavy rains,” Abbott said.

Rain is expected by Friday.