SAN DIEGO — From Ocean Beach to Pacific Beach, people were out enjoying the light rain Friday morning. Several people enjoyed walking, running, biking in the rain. In the morning, there were a couple dozen surfers out in the water.

David Primeau, a San Diego native who now lives in Iowa, was out surfing in Ocean Beach Friday morning. He said because of the way the winds are coming from the land to the ocean, because of Tropical Storm Kay, it makes for a good time.

“The surf is wonderful, the conditions are clean, the surf is small but consistent. There is some strength to it and there is some really good shape…when it’s clean like this you get a much longer shoulder ride.”

FOX 5 Alani Letang asked Primeau if that makes the waves attractive. Primeau answered, “it’s great.”

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning for coastal areas until noon Saturday. The San Diego Harbor Police have also notified of a small craft advisory in effect until Monday at 9 a.m.