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(KTXL) — While tornadoes are not a regular occurrence in California, it is a weather phenomenon that can appear in the state, specifically in Northern California.

According to the National Weather Service, California averages around 11 tornadoes a year and they usually occur in the fall or spring.

The NWS also said that while tornadoes can occur throughout the state, they are more common in the northern half of the Central Valley.

The area where they can occur is from just north of Merced all the way to Redding, encompassing the greater Sacramento region, Chico, and other cities in Central California.

On Tuesday, the NWS confirmed that a tornado touched down near Galt near Highway 99 around 1:40 p.m.

(Courtesy Andrea Wheeler Johnson)

A preliminary report showed that due to the tornado, a barn’s tin roof was blown off along with powerlines being affected. Law enforcement also said that the windows of a bus were blown out.

Tornadoes are rated based on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which uses the tornado’s wind speeds and damage, according to

The NWS said that the tornado that occurred on Tuesday ranged between EF0-EF3.