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VALLEY CENTER, Calif. — The National Weather Service issued a brief tornado warning for parts of North County, the agency announced in a tweet.

The warning went into effect just after 10:20 a.m. and was in effect until 10:30 a.m., as storm conditions on the radar indicated the possibility for a tornado forming.

Areas of Valley Center, Escondido and Hidden Meadows could have been impacted by a potential tornado, NWS said.

According to the agency’s tweet, nearly 7,000 people could have been exposed to a possible tornado in the area, including four schools.

NWS said that “brief rotation” was detected by radar during the time that the warning was in effect, however, no tornado actually formed.

A cold pressure system set in over California yesterday, moving southeast this morning. While the storm is expected to weaken throughout the day, scattered showers are expected to continue until tomorrow morning.

A small amount of hail was confirmed to have come down late Wednesday night. NWS said that there is a slight chance of more hail, along with thunderstorms in some cities in San Diego County.

If any additional tornado warnings are issued, take cover immediately in the lowest floor possible of a sturdy building and avoid windows. Anyone outdoors, in a vehicle or mobile home to find the closest substantial shelter location to protect from flying debris.

The last time a tornado warning was issued in San Diego urban areas happened in January 2016 for the communities of La Jolla and Poway.