SAN DIEGO — Two reservoirs in San Diego County are almost 100% full, according to data released Monday.

The City of San Diego updated its water levels information page on June 5, showing the Barrett Reservoir in Jamul and the Lower Otay Reservoir in Chula Vista are both over 96% filled.

At its max capacity, the Barrett Reservoir would have a depth of 160.40 feet. The most recent measurements show it’s 96.5% full, according to the city.

As for the Lower Otay Reservoir, its full depth would be 136.08 feet. That same data shows it’s currently 97.4% full.

Here’s a look at city’s calculations, which includes other reservoir levels in the county:

*AF = acre foot; 1 acre foot equals about 326,000 gallons, or enough water to cover an acre of land, about the size of a football field, one foot deep.

*MGD = Million gallons per day.

ReservoirDepth When FullCurrent DepthStorage Capacity (AF)Current Storage (AF)Storage Change (AF)Percent FullSpill MGD
Barrett160.40 ft159.33 ft34,805.533,585.0096.5%0
El Capitan197.00 ft145.48 ft112,806.949,287.1-67.2943.7%0
Hodges115.00 ft77.40 ft30,632.65,086.0-289.116.6%0
Miramar114.00 ft106.22 ft6,682.45,496.1140.3582.2%0
Morena157.00 ft119.14 ft50,694.012,249.0-13.0924.2%0
Murray95.00 ft88.10 ft4,684.23,610.115.3777.1%0
Lower Otay136.08 ft136.30 ft47,066.945,861.884.8397.4%0
San Vicente306.00 ft252.50249,358.0167,468.0-914.8267.2%0
Sutherland145.00 ft130.4629,508.122,035.8-12.0474.7%0

This comes after storm systems described as Pacific and atmospheric rivers brought more than normal precipitation to Southern California in the first half of the year.

There are over 20 water reservoirs in San Diego County and the majority of them have more water than they typically have this time of the year.

While the state’s drought conditions have improved, the region gets about 10% of its water locally and nearly 60% of its water from the Colorado River.