Editors note: This story has been updated to reflect the record-breaking temperatures were the lowest maximum temperatures in San Diego County for March 1, 2023.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego County was met with a winter storm system Wednesday that prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Frost Advisory and a Freeze Warning for several areas.

From the coast and beaches to the inland communities and the mountain neighborhoods, weather officials warned levels could drop as low as freezing.

According to data collected by NWS, seven areas in the county either had record-breaking lowest maximum temperatures or tied the previous record on Wednesday.

To explain, a record low maximum is set when the high temperature is the lowest high temperature recorded for that date.

Record breakers

North County’s Vista area and East County’s mountain area of Alpine dipped below the previous temperatures on record.

Vista hit 52 degrees Wednesday, breaking the 2015 record of 55 degrees, NWS data showed. Meanwhile, Alpine dropped to 46 degrees, breaking the previous 1953 record of 49 degrees.

Record ties

There were five other areas that tied with previous temperature levels. Here’s a breakdown of those numbers.

— Oceanside (Harbor): 55 degrees; tied with 1962 record.

— Escondido: 53 degrees; tied with 2015 record.

— Ramona: 50 degrees; tied with 2015 record.

— El Cajon: 54 degrees, tied with 1979 record.

— Palomar Mountain: 32 degrees; tied with 1951 record.

After the cold start Thursday, NWS says there will be a warming trend through Friday and into Saturday for the county. Nonetheless, weather officials say the higher temperatures are still expected to be below average for many areas.