SAN DIEGO — The Southern California coast has been experiencing “May Gray” the past few days, but it looks the mountain areas of San Diego County may experience some action weather wise this weekend.

As a precursor to what could come, the National Weather Service San Diego issued a special weather statement around 3:15 a.m. Saturday for Pine Valley, Campo and Potrero in the Mountain Empire area that warned of winds gusts around 40 mph. That advisory expired about an hour later.

Looking ahead, NWS forecasts a chance of thunderstorms for some mountain ranges. In a weather map released at 3:13 a.m. Saturday, the following San Diego County areas have an over 10% chance of thunderstorms for the day, according to NWS.

— Mt. Laguna has a 16% chance.

— Campo has a 12% chance.

— Julian has a 30% chance.

— Borrego Springs has a 12% chance

— Palomar has a 23% chance.

(National Weather Service San Diego)

While there is a chance of thunderstorms for these areas, NWS data shows warmer temperatures on the forecast at the same time. Saturday highs for these areas, according to weather officials are listed below.

— Mt. Laguna has a high of 73 degrees.

— Campo has a high of 83 degrees.

— Julian has a high of 76 degrees.

— Borrego Springs has a high of 99 degrees.

— Palomar has a high of 75 degrees.

Meanwhile, in the coastal areas of the county, the NWS forecast shows temperatures lingering right below 70 degrees and more “May Gray” weather could be in store for the weekend.