SAN DIEGO – Surfers and swimmers are advised to take caution along San Diego County’s coastal regions this week with a minor high surf advisory in place.

The advisory went into place starting at 11 p.m. Monday and is expected to last until 8 a.m. Thursday. Forecasters say beachgoers can expect large breaking waves between 5-7 feet with sets to 8 feet coming on the heels of a storm that started in New Zealand, according to the National Weather Service.

They’re advising inexperienced swimmers to remain out of the water due to the dangerous surf conditions.

In the time since severe weather struck in New Zealand, massive waves have been recorded in Tahiti and even in Hawaii in an event some say is “historic.” It caused waves as high as 20 feet in some parts of Hawaii over the weekend with the local impact not anticipated to be anywhere close to that.

The swell is expected to peak Tuesday afternoon with waves up to 8 feet with the highest surf expected in Ocean Beach and Encinitas, forecasters say.

“It was pretty heavy” surfer Michael Henry told FOX 5 Tuesday morning. ” I’m not used to the surf this big but had some fun and some survival moments.”

Henry said he’s visiting the area from Denver, jokingly commenting that the big waves were a nice change from surfing in snow.

“It’s been really small lately,” fellow surfer Alison Tanega said. “Kind of bored as a surfer but this morning and the past couple of days it’s just been super big, super clean nice waves. It’s just been an awesome time and it’s been very abnormal for summer.”

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