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SAN DIEGO — Storms are firing off across San Diego County Tuesday afternoon and are expected to continue in a westward direction into the evening hours.

An area of low pressure off the coast is causing disturbances across the southwest, bringing thunder, lightning, hail and locally heavy rain to some pockets of the county.

Around 1 p.m., storms began to develop over the mountain areas and have since started to drift west over the inland valleys and closer to the coast. People have reported lightning strikes in Julian, Escondido and Ocean Beach, among other areas.

As the storms roll over the coast and over the water, mariners should be cautious of rough seas, dangerous lightning and gale force winds this evening.
Thunderstorms will take another aim mainly at the mountains Wednesday afternoon, but drier weather is favored for Thursday and Friday.

As the low pushes inland, it will lead to cooler weather and another chance of showers and storms countywide over the weekend.