Steady rainfall drenches the South Bay

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — During San Diego’s third consecutive storm Monday, rain fell steady in the South Bay.

Downtown roads and sidewalks were slick in Chula Vista, but also quiet. One place staying busy was Grind House coffee.

“A lot of people coming in here looking for shelter from the rain and walking out with a hot chocolate or coffee,” said Esteban Delatorre, one of the employees.

The storm passed through town, raining on and off for several hours.

“When it was raining it was basically perfectly clear one moment. The next moment it rained hard and about 30 seconds later, the rain would stop to about a drizzle,” Chula Vista resident David Mace said.

Despite it being a busy and active couple months in Southern California for rain, most locals seem to be OK with it.

“We don’t get it often so I kind of try to enjoy it,” Delatorre said.

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