JULIAN, Calif. — A winter storm is expected to hit Sunday, dropping a few inches of snow in the eastern mountains of San Diego County.

The small city of Julian is bracing for a wild few days as tourists revel in the novelty of the first snow of the season in the normally warm weather.

“Bundling up and being prepared to be in traffic for a number of hours,” said Brett Combs, an apple farmer and resident.

Thousands of people are expected to head up to the mountain town for their world-famous apple pies and ciders.

Driving conditions can get treacherous as the asphalt freezes and tires spin. Chains will most likely be required, and a local shop owner says make sure you bring chains with you, because chains are not for sale in town.

“No chains, so if you try to plan to come to Julian, bring your chains with you because it gets icy,” General Store owner Ruwaid Hanko said.

The storm is expected to last through Monday and then taper off.

Residents are asking visitors to not leave trash on the road and find a park to sled instead of someone’s private property. Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol will be out in force attempting to keep people safe and moving.