SAN DIEGO COUNTY — Snow covered grassy surfaces in Pine Valley could be seen during the winter storm Monday. The snow caused slick roadways and chains were required to head north from Pine Valley toward Mt. Laguna.

Many people took the opportunity to play in the snow and drove from San Diego to Pine Valley to bask in the winter wonderland.

The beautiful sights also come with dangerous driving conditions.

“I have four-wheel drive and even just going down this little turn, I actually slid out, so go slow, be careful,” Steven Lee said. He drove from San Diego to Pine Valley to see the snow and let his dog play in the snow on Monday.

Other people didn’t quite have the same intention and were shocked to see snow accumulating on the ground.

“I’m actually just passing through, I’m coming from Carlsbad and I was coming down the 8 and I started to see snow,” JJ Mauga, a Carlsbad resident, said. “This is actually the first time I’ve seen real snow in my life.” He was on his way to Arizona, riding his motorcycle and was surprised