JULIAN, Calif. — Wednesday’s snow and windy conditions was a sneak peek of what’s to come in Julian.

For much of the day, any snowfall was off and on, at times blowing sideways. But there was still enough of it to have some fun.

Cory Pinkerton came up from Ramona with his boys.

“They’re okay, they’re really anxious to build a snowman and have been playing in the snow and a little on the cold side,” he said.

Some parents like Cara Marino were out with their kids because area schools closed for the day.

“Our district is out of snow days already so they can’t, we have to bring school work home and like be in attendance or whatnot,” Marino said. “Their teachers sent him home with packets, I want to say through Monday or at least Friday.”

Main street was mostly quiet, though snowplows made regular trips to keep it clear.

Residents are grateful for that, especially getting up into residential areas so neighbors can leave their homes if they need to.

Cathy Scott and other locals say they are taking this storm seriously and planned ahead.

“But we all go shopping in advance, so everybody pretty much prepares for you know, that we’re gonna get snowed in and and so you just prepare to have food and heat and wood,” Scott said.