SAN DIEGO — Warmer temperatures but hazy skies — that’s what the National Weather Service says may be in store for San Diegans this weekend.

The second day of June brought morning drizzle to several areas throughout San Diego County. NWS data shows light precipitation fell from the sky in Pine Valley, Poway, Valley Center, Escondido, Encinitas, Vista, Carlsbad and Oceanside, among other areas early Friday.

The cause of that dampness, according to NWS, was a deep marine layer.

“June Gloom” has followed “May Gray” and weather officials say the San Diego coast is “unlikely to see clearing” the next few days. On the contrary, the marine layer will become more shallow with low clouds not extending as far inland, according to NWS predictions.

Despite the gloom that’s become all too familiar for San Diegans this spring season, weather officials forecast temperatures to rise a few degrees each day for inland areas over the weekend. Meanwhile, the coast is expected to hold steady in the upper 60s, said NWS.

With summer is inching closer, some San Diegans or tourists may be called to the waters. For those brave enough to step into the waves, keep your safety in mind. NWS predictions show a moderate rip current risk on the forecast for the weekend.

This means life threatening rip currents are possible along San Diego’s coast. Surf height on Saturday may be between 2-5 feet and water temperatures are expected to be between 62-64 degrees, according to NWS.

Looking ahead, weather officials anticipate temperatures to slightly rise further to start next week.