San Diego city crews clear storm drains with rain on the way


SAN DIEGO — Ahead of another storm, a crew with the city of San Diego got out the heavy equipment to push and scoop tons of vegetation and debris out of a storm drain channel along Chateau Drive in Clairemont.

“It was definitely overgrown in that channel,” said Anthony Santacroce, a city spokesperson.

According to Santacroce, the city has around 220 storm drain channels to keep an eye on — with year-round planning and permitting to allow crews to clear as many as possible.

“We keep tabs — we know the conditions of all our storm channels. We know this one needed work and we’re taking our opportunity ahead of the rains to go ahead and do the emergency work that needs to be done here,” Santacroce said.

Crews say that without clearance, the vegetation in the Clairemont channel could have clogged the drain when rain falls Friday and in larger storms to come — possibly leading to flooding, hill erosion and all sorts of problems for nearby residents and the community.

“Our storm water system is not like our waste water system. There’s no micro-filtration — whatever goes down in our system, ends up in our environment, ends up in our waterways,” Santacroce said.

With the rainy season now here, residents are being reminded – with just a little work – there’s a lot they can do to help.

“We count on the residents to do that same stuff on the micro. Sweep up your curbs, clean up around property, make sure stuff doesn’t get washed out to curb that can get into our storm drain system, pollute our beaches, bays, creeks and get stuck in our infrastructure and cause flooding,” Santacroce said.

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