PINE VALLEY, Calif. – The winter storm is bringing snow to lower elevations than usual, including Pine Valley which sits at about 3,700 feet.

“We knew there would be snow and packed or warm clothes and came up to play for a little bit. It’s so beautiful up here,” said Amy Scott who traveled to the area from Lakeside with her family.

Driving east on Interstate 8, conditions quickly changed past Alpine and heading into Pine Valley. Snow plows could be seen into the evening and people driving in search of snow were in for a pleasant surprise.

“All of the sudden, we go over a little hill and it’s just white everywhere and it was so pretty,” Samantha Hartung said.

“Everything was just covered in snow. It’s a winter wonderland,” Tim Scott said.

Scenes like the one people experienced Thursday aren’t frequent in San Diego County, especially at lower elevations. Pine Valley was a popular stop for people looking to see the snow without going too far.

“I was in my apartment next to palm trees an hour ago and now I am in the snow,” Hartung said.

The strong winter storm means even more rain and snow on the way, but officials are warning there will be very dangerous driving conditions Friday through Saturday morning with near-zero visibility in some areas.