SAN DIEGO — As San Diego County deals with intense heat in the excessive heat advisory, the area may see heavy rains. That’s because Tropical Storm Kay is moving from Baja California, Mexico closer to Southern California.

Rick Rodriguez, who lives in Coronado, filled up his bags in Bonita at the Sunnyside Fire Station.

“This is the closest location to my house,” Rodriguez told FOX 5.

Rodriguez said when it rains a lot he is concerned for his back yard. That is why he said he needs nine bags, ahead of Tropical Storm Kay bringing heavy rain and strong winds to Southern California.

Rodriguez said, “my house kind of slopes down hill from the street so there are certain parts of my house that get flooded.”

The City of San Diego is focused on flood fighting. That means crews are clearing drains, sweeping the street of debris and putting up no parking signs in low-lying areas.

They are also prioritizing areas where canyons need to be cleared of debris and vegetation, such as in the Mountain Empire neighborhood.

“We determined we need to do this maintenance right now or else the water could get high enough to impact property and life, so we are going to conduct this emergency maintenance,” said Anthony Santacroce, the senior public information officer for the City of San Diego.

Moases Jarcovo lives by that canyon in Mountain Empire. Jarcovo and his wife are prepared to ride out a possible storm.

“We have enough water and food…we put sour important documents in one place, and enough medicine,” Jarcovo said.

Not everyone wants to stay inside, if the area gets heavy rains.

“One of my daughters has a soccer game, hope they don’t cancel … it’s fun to play in the rain,” Rodriguez said.

For tips from on storm preparedness, including where to pick up sandbags, visit the City of San Diego’s website.