SAN DIEGO – The strong storm hit California with heavy snow, rain and strong winds, leaving behind toppled trees, debris and even flooding in some areas.

A series of storms have left behind a mess in the county, particularly one flooded road along Camino Del Rey in Bonsall. Road crews with the San Diego County Department of Public Works have been out all-day encouraging drivers to steer clear of the area with giant road closure signs, many of which choosing to ignore and take the risk.

“It’s not worth it. It cannot only damage your car, but even worse, it could ruin your life. If you see signs, they’re up for a reason, we don’t put them up just because,” shared Carlos Michel, a road crew supervisor with the county.

FOX 5 encountered several cars submerged in water along the road, either picked up and pulled out by good Samaritans or tow trucks. It’s a sight crews say is happening far too often given the ongoing weather, leaving residents with this message.

“We don’t know if there is stuff happening underneath the water, we don’t know how deep it is, a bunch of reasons, it’s not worth it,” Michel said.

The combination of recent rain and gusty winds has also left some damage for homeowners.

“We don’t get rain like this…not at all,” said Cynthia Villareal who has lived in the area for the past two decades. Minor flooding in her backyard is now seeping water into her home.

It’s a common sight over these past few months keeping water damage crews like Jonathan Reid with Coast-to-Coast Restoration, busy.

“We’ve seen water coming in through French doors and windows from inside, flooding into the garages from the outside. We’ve seen a little bit of everything,” Reid said.