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SAN DIEGO — Storms in the San Diego area Monday brought the usual rain and lightning, but sightings of rainbows and orange and yellow skies were a surprise.

Showers and thunderstorms started in the early afternoon and into the evening in the mountains, deserts and other isolated areas of the county’s inland valleys.

Many saw sunsets that were yellow, orange or deep red prompted by intense thunderstorms in the mountains, according to National Weather Service San Diego.

“Winds aloft from the east and southeast helped to push some of those high clouds westward towards the valleys and coast, thus creating multiple cloud layers and several different types of clouds (cumulus, cirrus, mammatus),” NWS San Diego told FOX 5. “When you have multiple levels of clouds it can create a really scenic sky.”

The local weather agency explained that “the colors can really get amplified, from yellow, to orange to deep red” when the sun sets.

NWS San Diego says with the rain falling to the east and sun shining from the west, rainbows were also formed.

“To get a rainbow, you want the light to be hitting that column of rain (even if it isn’t raining where you are),” NWS San Diego said. “The rain was from those storms in the mountains and the subsequent very light showers that moved into the valleys and coast.”

Eerie-looking skies, rainbows, rain and lightning may soon make another appearance as showers and thunderstorms are expected to continue each afternoon and into the early evenings this week.

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