SAN DIEGO — Make sure to grab your umbrella: another storm bringing rain and high winds is expected to make landfall over San Diego this week, according to the National Weather Service.

The latest low pressure system is forecasted to take it easy on San Diego, bringing light, widespread rain to much of the county Tuesday before tapering off Wednesday afternoon.

Parts of Central and Northern California are expected to experience the brunt of the precipitation and snow, expecting to worsen flooding conditions in those parts of the state that have overwhelmed residents and first responders in recent days.

Most of the county is expected to see anywhere from one to one and a half inches of rain, with the greatest potential for heavier precipitation coming Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Strong and gusty west winds are expected to set in with this storm, impacting mountain and desert areas. Individual gusts along the desert slopes of San Diego mountains are forecasted to peak at speeds as high as 60 mph.

High temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday will be on the cooler side, but is forecasted to be warmer than previous storms. Low temperatures Monday and Tuesday night will be a few degrees above average for coastal areas and several degrees above average for inland areas.

The warmer temperatures with this storm will push snow levels to higher elevations above 7,000 ft. and is most likely to be seen Wednesday afternoon, according to weather officials.

With this storm, precipitation is more likely to become runoff and cause flooding into Wednesday, given the amount of water already absorbed by soil in the region. That includes the San Diego River, according to NWS, which is forecasted to flood through Fashion Valley.

Conditions are forecasted to get drier and a little warmer later this week, lasting into next week.