SAN DIEGOWindy conditions will be felt from the coast to the deserts Tuesday. The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning for most of the day. Now, concerns are that wind gusts could leave damage behind.

“This thing comes in waves,” shared Skyler McManus who runs Hamel’s Surf Shop in Mission Beach.

A quite literal statement for the San Diego lifer whose shop was recently slammed by ocean water in recent storms, leaving McManus on guard for what’s to come.

“Mother nature does unruly things that you can’t predict so you have to act fast and put the sandbags out and get everything set up and protect the store. I’ve seen it crazy,” McManus said. 

High wind warnings from the coast to the cactus, is keeping local leaders on standby, as strong southerly winds race ashore Tuesday, with gusts reaching around 55 mph along our local beaches.

“That is causing some concern of course after we saw all of those trees that fell in Balboa Park and elsewhere throughout the city, we’re anticipating more of that to happen as well” said Jose Ysea with the City of San Diego.

This, followed by a high surf advisory issued Wednesday, with breaking waves up to 8 feet and sets up to 12 feet, raising the potential of further damage to the deteriorating Ocean Beach Pier.

“Stay away, it’s closed for a reason, it’s a matter of public safety, we don’t want anybody getting hurt up there, especially as this is one of those coastal storm events when the water breaches over the pier as well,” Ysea said.

Meanwhile, San Diego Gas & Electric warn customers about the potential of unplanned outages Tuesday.

“There is a chance for tree contact in our powerlines and downed powerlines for that matter. For our customers, if you do see a downed powerline, do not touch, do not go anywhere near it, call 911, and call SDG&E to report it,” warned Alex Welling with SDG&E.

This warning is prompted by a mix of ferocious winds and already saturated ground; a dangerous combination which could leave many San Diegans in the dark.

“Anytime we do see this, we increase staff, we do have extra lineman and trouble shooters on call so we’re able to respond quickly,” Welling said.