SAN DIEGO — It was a busy Monday morning for San Diego Fire-Rescue Department as crews were dispatched to multiple water rescues before daylight.

At the area of Mission Center Road and Hazard Center Drive, three cars got stuck due to the flooded intersection around 5 a.m. The drivers were able to get out of the cars themselves and walk to safety when first responders showed up.

Others, however, needed to be rescued.

A woman in her car got stuck in the flooded intersection at Riverwalk Drive and Fashion Valley Road. San Diego Fire & Rescue and lifeguards who are part of the swift water rescue team helped her as she climbed out of her car and onto a raft.

Then, there was another rescue not far away. 

A bread delivery van got stuck a Camino Del Este. First responders pulled the driver to safety.

The flooding also caused problems for people trying to get to work.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System station near the Valley Mall was flooded and so was its parking lot.

Close by is the San Diego River, where the water level has risen higher than originally predicted.

First responders are asking the public to avoid these areas in Mission Valley. They say stay home if at all possible today.