SAN DIEGO — Rescuers were out in force with lifeguards saving stranded people in the San Diego River all Monday morning long.

Streets were flooded in Mission Valley with drivers abandoning their cars.

“It’s just a river behind us, I never thought that would happen,” said a local.

Throughout Monday drivers were pressing their luck slugging through the muck with their cars, some making it through while others left their vehicles stranded. Most of the cars are now likely ruined.

“It’s the first we’re laying eyes on it, it’s pretty insane,” said a homeowner in Mission Valley.

Homeowners in low-lying areas in Mission Valley were completely blocked from getting to work.

“So, you turn right, and our garage is a little underground,” said a local.

A little after that interview, a white Tesla randomly entered a flooded area and somehow gets through.

Although the Tesla avoided getting stuck, the tire was punctured.