SAN DIEGO — After a couple days of sunny skies, some more gusty winds and scattered showers are expected to come in later this week, as another low-pressure storm system heads to the region.

Breezy winds Monday will be the first impact of the storm, the National Weather Service said. By Tuesday afternoon, these winds will develop to strong, gusty west winds that will persist into Wednesday evening.

Isolated, peak gusts during this time, according to NWS, could reach speeds from around 60 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour in the mountain and desert areas.

While no wind advisory has been put into place yet, NWS says that wind conditions could become hazardous for small crafts along coastal waters.

Light precipitation could also develop across the coastal region Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. NWS forecasts that this local rainfall will likely not exceed a few hundredths of an inch near the coast to one-quarter of an inch near the mountains.

Temperatures will start to cool slightly with the storm system, dipping about five to 10 degrees below average at lower elevations and 15 to 20 degrees for the mountains.

Starting Thursday, a warming trend will set in with a high pressure aloft expected to strengthen into the weekend.

Beaches will see high temperatures close to average Friday, NWS said, and will heat to a few degrees above average on Saturday.

Meanwhile, mountains, deserts and inland valleys will get temperatures about five to 10 degrees above average on Friday. Saturday will be the peak of the warm-up for those inland areas, according to NWS, which will get temperatures about eight to 12 degrees above average.

Highs this weekend could exceed 100 degrees in the Coachella Valley and San Diego County Deserts during this time.