SAN DIEGO — Dozens of residents gathered in Tierrasanta to talk about fire prevention ahead of fire season, which is expected during the summer months.

City firefighters led the discussion about clearing a defensible space around homes. Thirty-five feet around a house is considered “Zone One” and it’s mandatory for all homes in a fire prone area.

Fire experts recommend another 65 feet of clearing to 50% to give firefighters room to defend the home safely.

“As I saw those flames coming over the road, I thought to myself — I’ll never see my home again,” said Allyson Brenner, a resident of Tierrasanta who was evacuated from her home during the 2003 fires.

Now is considered a good time to clear brush because the cooler temperatures are less likely to see major brush fire flare ups.  

“You can always take care of your home, making sure your trees are distant from your fireplaces to make sure any dead bushes are taken out,” said Raul Campillo, a city councilmember from the Seventh District.

Fire Marshals stressed the importance of cutting back the fresh brush, which has sprouted up in the heavy rains that are responsible for the current super bloom.

“You’re getting that defensible space and it gives you a chance to me more resilient and resistant to fire, and it gives us a chance to get our hoses in there and defend you,” said Anthony Tosca, a deputy chief in the San Diego Fire Department.