SAN DIEGO — It was a rude and windy awakening for a Torrey Pines couple on Wednesday morning.

Jerry and Melba, their last name unconfirmed at this time, said they were sleeping when a glass light fixture fell from their ceiling and landed on the foot of their bed.

“The sound of it was very, very loud,” said Melba. “It was like an explosion it was so loud.”

Jerry and Melba recount their experience
Jerry and Melba, residents of Torrey Pines, recount their experience after a tree fell onto their home Wednesday morning. (OnScene.TV)

Initially, Jerry said he suspected night prowlers as it sounded like someone may have threw a rock through his window. His first reaction — call 911 for backup.

Jerry said the next thing he knew, there were not only police officials on scene but also fire engines.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department records show officials responded to a structure collapse at Via Grimaldi, the residence of Jerry and Melba, shortly before 3 a.m.

At that time, the couple said they discovered a tree had fallen onto their house and punched a hole right through the ceiling of their living room. Jerry described the scene as “a mess,” also saying there was a lot of damage to the home.

This photo shows part of tree in the living room of a home
This photo shows part of tree in the living room of a home in Torrey Pines. (Photo: OnScene.TV)

The incident comes as a storm system is beginning to move through San Diego County, bringing high winds.

The couple was not injured during the incident.