SAN DIEGO — With Hurricane Hilary aimed to make its way toward San Diego County this weekend, expect the roads to be hazardous while driving.

If you can’t stay at home, you should stay alert and take precautions on the roads, according to county officials.

County Emergency Services and Public Works provided the following tips for driving in heavy rain conditions:

  • Slow down and allow yourself extra time to arrive at your destination to adjust for slower traffic.
  • Turn on your headlights for better visibility and for others on the road to see you.
  • Try to stay in the middle lanes as the outside lanes tend to gather water.
  • Defog your windows and check your windshield wipers before it rains to see if they need replacing.
  • Avoid driving in flooded roadways if you cannot see the pavement because the water can impact your breaks, so be sure to test them after if you do end up driving through the water.
  • Give yourself extra distance with the cars in front of you so you can anticipate braking and to avoid the spray from other vehicles so it doesn’t affect your vision.
  • Be careful oversteering or stomping on the brakes if you start to hydroplane. Keep the steering wheel straight and take your foot off the accelerator if you come across this scenario, per the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Don’t text or use a hand-held cell phone when you’re driving because it is illegal and dangerous.
  • Slow down for the cone zone if you see road crews to the side.