SAN DIEGO — Hilary may have passed through San Diego County, but the impact of the storm remained Monday, with flooding and damage reported around the region.

The San Diego River in Mission Valley was one such area that was still experiencing heavy flooding from the record-breaking rain.

According to the National Weather Service, the river had reached 8.95 feet in height at 10:15 p.m. Sunday near Fashion Valley, marking the highest summertime height ever recorded at that location.

Sunday night, 13 people were saved from the riverbed after getting stuck in the flooded water. No injuries were reported form the incident.

Swift water rescue teams were still on standby Monday morning as the riverbed was still flowing through the streets of Mission Valley with a constant stream.

While many of the surrounding roads along the San Diego River in Mission Valley are prone to flooding when heavy rain hits the region, the flooding was more widespread than usual.

Video captured of the area by FOX 5 showed the bottom level of the parking structure on the backside of the Fashion Valley Mall was completely flooded.

San Diego Fire-Rescue and California Highway Patrol crews are expected to continue monitoring the areas along the river from Interstate 5 through Mission Valley for dangerous flood levels or possible rescue situations.

Most of the flooded roads in the Mission Valley area were closed off Monday morning, but officials reminded the public that if you encounter a large area of sitting or flowing water you should turn around and not try to drive through it.

FOX 5’s Heather Lake contributed to this report.