SAN DIEGO — With Hurricane Hilary heading north towards Southern California, many San Diegans may be wondering how to prepare.

When it comes to safeguarding your home, residents are encouraged to “make sure that water has a place to go,” Mayor Todd Gloria said in a news conference Friday. That means clearing the rain gutters on your residence and picking up leaves and trash that can flow into storm water drains.

Residents are also encouraged to use sandbags to keep water and mud away from their homes. Sandbags can be picked up for free at any of these locations.

San Diegans should also prepare to shelter-in-place when the storm hits, Gloria said. That means making sure phones are fully charged and flashlight batteries are working in case the power goes out. ReadySanDiego also encourages residents have a battery-operated radio to stay informed.

Residents are advised to secure outdoor equipment that high winds could blow away, like patio umbrellas and tarps.

When it comes to stocking up, San Diegans are advised to go shopping now for non-perishable groceries and other necessities so they can avoid getting on the roads this weekend.