OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Wind gusts of more than 40 miles per hour pummeled the most northern coastline in San Diego County as Tropical Storm Hilary moved through the region Sunday afternoon.

Oceanside lifeguards were pre-positioned with swift-water rescue teams on standby for any recues that needed to be made.

“We’re concerned with power lines, trees, any type of damage, it does affect operations and can affect certain things, worried about things getting lose off the pier, we’ve had some construction,” Oceanside Lifeguard Srgt. Jonathan Chesner said. “We’d rather be proactive and make sure we have the resources.”

The Oceanside Pier was closed Sunday for safety.

Debris from palm trees lines N. Coast Highway Sunday afternoon.

Some businesses in Oceanside, including CVS Pharmacy, had boarded up their windows ahead of the storm. Other businesses nearby remained open as the storm rolled through.

“We just went out surfing at the pier in the rainy conditions it was fun,” Carter Peterson-Meyer said. He and several friends went surfing before conditions deteriorated Sunday afternoon.

Several people were out in the ocean Sunday afternoon, despite the warning to not enter the water from local officials.

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, its not a day for the beach,” Oceanside Lifeguard Srgt. Jonathan Chesner we recommend avoiding it 72 hours after any significant rainfall, we’ve had a lot of rainfall very quickly.”