SAN DIEGO — Hurricane Hilary is expected to bring big surf to San Diego beaches.

Lifeguards in La Jolla who were out patrolling Thursday morning tell FOX 5 they were already seeing an uptick in swells. They are closely monitoring the different paths the hurricane might take, but no matter which one that is, weather experts say she is going to signifcantly impact San Diego.

Several surfers were also watching what the hurricane will do to the surf.

“I think it’s going to be fun, hopefully, if it gets close enough,” said Sam Burrough, who was surfing near the La Jolla Reefs. “I know the water is really cold right now so that might keep the hurricane from coming and hitting up here. As long as it’s not super windy and the surf isn’t all blown out, I think it’ll be fun.”

While the conditions will be dangerous out in the water, flooding from the heavy rain stands to be the biggest threat, according to weather experts. The first heavy rain bands are likely to occur on Saturday with increasing moisture to become widespread into Sunday, weather officials explained. Some of those rainstorms and thunderstorms could last until Monday.

San Diegans are being advised to be mindful of other different weather conditions happening, with a heat wave and fire threat also going on in the county right now. The desert and mountain communities could see extreme heat. Cal Fire tells FOX 5 it has crews on standby.