SAN DIEGO — San Diego County could feel the impact in the form of heavy rain, gusty winds and high surf from Hurricane Hilary barreling up the west coast of Mexico.

That has sounded the alarm for Madison Kiepen who works at Woody’s Burgers in Pacific Beach located on the boardwalk.

“This would not be our first time being flooded and last time it flooded it was disaster,” Kiepen said. “Last December, the water came all the way over the wall and there was sand all in the nooks and crannies of everything and we were down for days.”

She says there’s not much they can do to prepare this time around other than locking up cabinets and hoping for the best.

The storm is expected to kick up Saturday night, with the heaviest part hitting Sunday into Monday.

Over at the “Pacific Beach Alehouse” on Grand Avenue, manager Luke Corsano isn’t too worried about the storm.

“The last two seasons have been pretty wet for us so we’re kind of used to it,” he said. “We just kind of take down what could blow away: umbrellas, tarps the little tents and things, that’s pretty much the best that we can do.”

To prepare for the storm, it’s advised to bring anything that is outside and a potential projectile inside by Sunday morning.