SAN DIEGO –The City of San Diego has opened its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) ahead of the potential rain from Hurricane Hilary. 

“Be aware that the storm is coming, take is seriously,” said Chris Heiser, the executive director for the City of San Diego Office of Emergency Services. 

The center is opened at a Level 3 status, which means the center is tracking the storm. 

“It’s what we call command and general staff. It’s just four of five key positions,” Heiser said.  

Inside the center, there are vests on empty chairs with the names of each command center position. The chairs could be filled if that specific support is needed.  

For example, Heiser said if the city’s fire department requests the center’s help with shelter for flood evacuees. 

“We go to our care and shelter branch, reach out to park and rec who is a partner in that, and say ‘we are going to open up these two park and rec centers.’ We start facilitating getting the cot’s there,” Heiser said. 

Preparation is crucial. Heiser suggests people should be willing to adjust their plans, drive carefully and consider sandbags to minimize flooding at home.  

“I would say go back to the winter and see what impact the flooding had on the winter to you, good place to start because most likely you are going to see that same impact, I encourage you to access the info out there,” Heiser said.