SAN DIEGO – Preparation is underway as Hurricane Hilary heads toward Southern California.

“You hear first from the locals. Everyone’s talking about batting down the hatches,” said Anthony Andrews, a Julian resident.

Though Hilary is not forecasted to pass over San Diego as a hurricane, widespread impacts from the storm are expected. Excessive rain and flooding area expected with a potential for tropical storm-like winds.

“There’s some risk of flooding so we are going to staff up our swift water rescue teams for the duration of the storm,” Cal Fire Captain Michael Cornette said.

Swift water rescue teams are most common in the winter, but Cal Fire is fully staffed as usual this time of year.

“Expecting some low-lying flooding and potential lightning strikes could cause fires in the drier areas,” Cornette said.

“We happen to live on a dirt road, so it is a bit of a problem for us,” said Leroy Clubb, a Ramona resident.

Residents were seen at Cal Fire Ramona throughout the day Thursday taking a proactive approach and filling sandbags, instead of waiting for the weekend.

“After this last winter, we had a tremendous amount of rain, so I think a lot of people are pretty well prepared and know what to expect,” Clubb said.