SAN DIEGO — The National Weather Service issued a Frost Advisory and a freeze warning for areas in San Diego County Wednesday afternoon that will take effect later tonight, as the latest storm system is expected to bring temperatures down to near freezing.

The Frost Advisory, which is in place for San Diego’s coast and beaches, indicates that temperatures could drop as low as the freezing level, resulting in frost formation.

Meanwhile, the NWS’ freeze warning covers inland communities and mountain neighborhoods, as sub-freezing temperatures as low as 29 degrees are expected to set in later tonight. The coldest locations under the freeze warning, according to the NWS, will be locations in low-lying, wind-sheltered areas.

Both advisories are are set to go into effect at midnight, lasting until 8 a.m Thursday.

According to the NWS, the frost and freezing conditions could kill crops or other sensitive outdoor vegetation. Under the freeze warning, unprotected outdoor plumbing could also be impacted.

Freezing temperatures are likely to create icy conditions on roadways, so drivers are urged to exercise caution when traveling — especially if operating a high-profile vehicle.

The agency also stressed that people take steps now to protect plants that might be damaged by the cold by either covering them or bringing them inside.

In the mountain areas, any outdoor water pipes should be wrapped, drained or allowed to drip slowly. Below-ground sprinkler systems should also be drained and cover any above-ground pipes to prevent them from freezing over.

This comes hours after a Wind Advisory went into effect for most of the region that will remain in effect until 6 p.m. Wednesday evening

Under this advisory, people are encouraged to secure any outdoor objects and take caution when driving. Strong westerly winds could blow unsecured objects or other loose items, as well as tree limbs.

A Gale Warning for the waters from the Mexican Border to San Mateo Point in Orange County is also in effect due to the high winds causing hazardous seafaring conditions. The warning will expire at 4 a.m. Thursday.

Conditions are expected to become drier and warmer moving into the remainder of the week.