SAN DIEGO — Despite floodwaters across Calle Ricardo at North Broadway in unincorporated Escondido and post signs, drivers plowed right through.

“It gets worse sometimes when you can’t even pass at all.  Small cars definitely you’ll have a hard time,” resident Moe Kahooz said.

Escondido saw nearly three inches of rain overnight, according to the National Weather Service San Diego.

Rocky Rudolph, whose organic farm is up this hill on Calle Ricardo, heeded the warning and turned around.

He owns Sage Hill Garden Organic Farm along with his son. There’s an alternate route about a mile-and-half away through a gated private country club, but often the gates are locked. He says all the recent storms are making it difficult to operate his farm.

“The rain this season we actually postponed our opening from March 1 to April 1 because of the rain, and now we are worried about April 1 being the opening.”

Kahooz told FOX 5 two culverts underneath the road are old and broken after so much rain, mud and debris, but he says he doesn’t expect the county to fix them anytime soon.

“One of them is plugged up so nothing goes through it. The other one they just finally opened from the last rain, but it’s barely opened because it’s still trickling a little bit of water. But unfortunately, it just can’t handle it,” Kahooz said.