SAN DIEGO — Dozens of flights at the San Diego International Airport were canceled or delayed Wednesday as a powerful winter storm began to sweep through the region.

As of 11 a.m. Wednesday, over 100 flights were delayed, with the largest portion of those being flights scheduled to arrive in San Diego in the next several hours. A handful of flights were canceled as well.

You can find the most recent flight status information on the San Diego airport’s website.

“We just want to make sure that customers are aware that there is going to be a storm and so that’s going to likely bring some delays and some cancelations. The best advice that we could really give is to make sure that you’re communicating with your airline. Check their app, check the websites for any of the last-minute changes that might be happening,” said airport spokesperson Sabrina LoPiccolo told FOX 5 Tuesday night.

The flight cancellations and delays are not tied to any specific airline, with several companies seeing their flights delayed.

In December, Southwest Airlines had a mass cancellation of flights to and from San Diego which resulted in a major headache for holiday travelers.

The San Diego region is expected to face high winds, heavy rain and snow into the weekend as several storm systems are forecasted to hit the area.

In addition to flight travel, San Diego County roads are expected to be impacted by the powerful winter storm.

You can track the latest storm conditions with the FOX 5 Weather Radar.

Regardless of your means of transportation, San Diegans should anticipate possible delays for the rest of the week.