Crowds flock to Julian for snow, get soaked by rain

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JULIAN, Calif. — There was hardly a place to park along Main Street in Julian Tuesday afternoon as people drove miles to soak in the rain and a little bit of snow.

Throughout the afternoon into the night it was a mix of rain, sleet and snow.

“Just drove up for the experience I guess, and for some pie,” Francisco Santoyo said.

“It’s really nice anytime you can break off the normal Southern California sun every day and get up here and enjoy maybe some snow and get some really tasty treats,” Temecula resident Mark Banasiak said.

Tobin Russell and his daughter drove from Ramona to see the snow, which they said is tradition.

“We got up here it was drizzling all the way up. The second we got out of the car it started snowing. Just a little bit. Still not sticking to the ground unfortunately,” Russell said.

Russell’s daughter Naomi managed to scoop up just enough snow to fill her hands.

“Thought it would be a good idea to take it with my furry gloves and now my gloves are soaked,” Naomi Russell said.

FOX 5 also caught up with Michael Short and his girlfriend Lindsey Denham.

“I love extreme stuff and I hear it’s snowing 40 minutes away and I got all my work done and I was like ‘you wanna go get in the snow babe? She’s like yeah,’” Short said.

Short said he decided to take advantage of the little snow he saw and got his boogie board out to cruise down a slick slope. His girlfriend recorded him safely making it across the icy ground.

“What we saw in that video was me and the little kid coming out you know, because I live in downtown San Diego and when you see snow you just kind of get this kiddish thing,” Short said.

As people were having fun in the cold, rainy, snowy weather Tuesday Caltrans and SDG&E crews were driving around the small town ready to get to work.

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