SAN DIEGO — After a few days of sunny weather, San Diego will cool off slightly to start the week, with “Gray-pril” conditions forecasted to return before another warmup.

A low pressure moving through San Diego is expected to deepen marine layer clouds starting Sunday night into Monday, bringing possible patchy drizzle to coastal areas and gusty westerly winds farther inland.

According to the National Weather Service, individual wind gusts from Sunday night into Tuesday morning could reach peak speeds of 30 to 40 miles per hour in the lower inland and mountain communities. Desert areas could see peak speeds as high as 50 miles per hour.

The windiest period will likely be sometime Monday afternoon or evening, NWS said.

These “Gray-pril” conditions could continue into Tuesday morning, according to NWS, before warming up with a ridge of high pressure on the horizon. The ridge will reduce the marine layer depth and weaken onshore flow, which will confine the fog to the costal areas.

By Thursday, daytime temperatures are likely to have highs in the upper 70s in the valleys and coastal areas. Mountain communities are forecasted to see high temperatures in the 60s or 70s. Meanwhile, desert areas could see anywhere from the mid-80s to near 100 degrees.

NWS said Thursday is likely to be the warmest day this week, especially for areas west of the mountains. Into the weekend, the temperatures will moderate slightly in most areas except the deserts, where temperatures will stay around 100 degrees through Saturday.

“Gray-pril” weather early in the week is not forecasted to have an impact on aviation or marine conditions.