SAN DIEGO — Coastal communities are still cleaning up from the storm surge that flooded vulnerable homes on the beach.

The boardwalk at Mission Beach was flooded out on Friday leaving major deposits of sand all along the waterfront trail.

“I’ve lived here 40 years and never seen it coming over the tops of these walls and built up and hitting homes,” said Frank, a local walking the boardwalk. 

Now another storm and another swell are on the way threatening a similar flooding issue. Surf forecasters are predicting 7-12 ft. surf with a hightide on Friday at around midnight.

“I’m going to hop into that black truck and head out to higher ground,” said Nicole, a vacationer from Arizona.

Roughly two-third of the beach’s sand has been swept away and what sand is left has been piled onto the seawall, creating a ramp for the next storm surge to dump water directly onto the boardwalk.