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SAN DIEGO — The morning after a cold weather storm brought rain, lightning and some hail to San Diego, chains were required Wednesday on a few highways through the county’s rural areas.

According to the San Diego County Department of Public Works, you should have chains on your tires if you’re headed:

  • Anywhere on Palomar Mountain
  • On Sunrise Highway between Old Highway 80 and state Route 79 (passing through Mount Laguna on the road to Julian)
  • On Montezuma Valley Road between mile markers 4 and 8 (which passes through the Ranchita community west of Borrego Springs)
  • On Chihuahua Valley Road between mile markers 2 and 7 (which starts east of Palomar Mountain and state Route 79)

Caltrans has information about how to install chains on your car if you’re new to such requirements. You can be cited by California Highway Patrol and fined if you continue beyond a mile or so from a “Chains Required” sign. The speed limit when chains are required is 25 or 30 miles per hour.

The storm has also prompted a snow day for several small school districts in the county’s rural areas.

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