SAN DIEGO — Residence in the coastal communities of Imperial Beach are familiar with severe weather conditions in the area.

Many residents prepared for this week’s Pacific storm by getting sandbags.

Seacoast Drive, located south of the pier, is an area that floods often. There are a lot of single family homes, apartments and condos along the street.

The visibility has been poor and the ocean has been rough. In fact, the sand south of the pier couldn’t be seen by FOX 5 on Wednesday morning and strong waves were heard crashing up against the rocks.

FOX 5 also went to Mission Valley near Avenida del Rio, which was closed. The San Diego River was already rising, causing minor flooding on that street. San Diego Fire Rescue Lifeguards and their swift water rescue teams are patrolling the area. 

While in the area, FOX 5 did see one car drive through Avenida del Rio, going around the road blockade. It made it out but first responders are asking the public to not ignore closure signs for their safety.