SAN DIEGO – After a chilly start for Sunday, sunshine prevailed before cloud coverage and light showers took over parts of San Diego County. Slight rain chances continue Sunday night with low pressure off the coast.

President’s Day will bring along some warmer temperatures, giving folks a nice day to gear up for the week.

Monday will be a brief lull in unsettling weather patterns, a pair of low-pressure systems are headed south toward California set to bring cooler temperatures, strong winds, rain and mountain snow beginning Tuesday through Friday.

The first wave forming over western Canada will drop south over the west beginning Tuesday through Wednesday.

Wind will be the main impact with gusts reaching in excess of 70 mph over the more wind-prone areas according to the National Weather Service.

A high wind warning will go into effect Tuesday afternoon, expiring Wednesday afternoon for the mountain and desert communities.

Winds could get gusty along the coast as well, potentially surpassing 40 mph wind gusts.

Once that system moves east, the San Diego area is in store for some colder temperatures Thursday and Friday, landing at about 15 to 20 degrees below average.

The second wave is set for Thursday and will last until about Saturday.

This storm will track more outside along the coast rather than inland which will lead to more snow and rain accumulation.

This storm is weaker than the first but people should expect some moderate rainfall. Snow levels will drop to about 2,000 to 3,000 feet.

The amount of snow is still unclear but should see some decent accumulation for all of the mountain communities.