SAN DIEGO — While many in the US are battered with winter weather, a warming trend is taking over Southern California and gifting San Diegans with a clear sky, sunshine with temps in the 70s to 80s.

It’s a So-San Diego holiday weekend sure to stay merry and bright as a warming trend heats up California through Monday.

“It’s wonderful and we love it here. People are so welcoming and kind we just are feeling warm and fuzzy inside and out,” said Marie Barton, who is visiting San Diego from Seattle, Washington this holiday season.

She’s not alone, folks from near and far ditched Frosty the Snowman for Frosty the Sandman as plenty of Vitamin D placed a bow on this Christmas Eve.

“Oh, it’s been amazing, the holiday season is so good. We’re having a great time. We are a big group, we’re a group of like 15 people. We’re here from Seattle and like from all over, and everyone is here basically for the temperatures, we all wanted to be at a warmer place,” said Muskan Ahluwalia who is hosting friends from out of town this holiday weekend.

Ahluwalia is not alone in her sentiment,. With weather this warm, tourists can’t help but brag to friends and family back home.  

“It’s fun to gloat, I’m texting people back home, ‘you’ll never guess, it’s warm here,’” said Brett Barton, Marie’s husband.  

America’s Finest City along with the rest of Southern California stands at one of the warmest spots in the nation with some day-time highs Christmas day forecasted to reach the 80s.

“This is different for me, you know growing up in Detroit, Michigan. I call it Canada because it’s so cold. Here, with the sun and the beach, I’ve never seen this on Christmas Eve,” Tony Cole, who is a current resident of Los Angeles from Michigan, shared with FOX 5.

Meanwhile, a winter storm is battering the majority of the country, leaving hundreds of thousands without power, along with heaps of snow and temps in the single digits.

“I think, you know, there is a charm to the snow because it gives you a Christmas vibe, but I don’t think I can be in the cold for very long, I do like the snow., but it’s beautiful and not too cold down here so I enjoy it,” Salvador Tinoco, who lives in the Bay Area, said.

Back here at home, the tree may be lit, the halls may be decked, but this year it will be anything but a white Christmas. Temps Christmas day will average about 10-15 degrees above average.