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SAN DIEGO — A driver going the wrong way on a San Diego freeway early Saturday slammed head-on into another car, causing a pileup but avoiding serious injuries, officials said.

The car was first spotted by a San Diego Police detective, who noticed a dark-colored sedan heading south in the northbound lanes of Interstate 15, according to California Highway Patrol call logs. The driver headed through the Miramar and Mira Mesa areas, eventually transferring to state Route 163.

The car was still headed south when it met oncoming traffic, slamming head-on into a northbound driver near Friars Road in the Linda Vista area, according to CHP. A third car also got caught up in the wreck. One of the vehicles flipped and all were badly damaged.

A short time later, a fourth and final car crashed, CHP reports. It wasn’t clear why that driver lost control, but it occurred at the site of the original collision, so the person may have been trying to avoid the wreckage.

Officers blocked all northbound lanes for over an hour, between about 4:30 a.m. and 5:45 a.m., while crews cleaned up the mess, paramedics checked on the drivers and investigators began looking into the collision. Despite the violent impact, officials listed only minor injuries for people involved in the wrecks.

Ultimately, the initial crash was deemed “DUI related,” but further details were not provided.

Around the time of the SR-163 crash, another wrong-way driver was reported on Interstate 5 in National City. In that case, the driver was stopped on the shoulder when CHP arrived, video from OnScene TV showed. Officers put the woman in the back of a patrol SUV and moved her car off the interstate. She was given a sobriety test, placed in handcuffs and taken into custody on a side street nearby.