SAN DIEGO — A bus driver work stoppage has upended MTS bus routes in the South Bay and in sections of San Diego as well.

Hundreds of bus drivers from the company First Transit have stayed home while protesting the latest contract negotiations, leaving the MTS scrambling to keep riders getting to their destinations.

“What am I supposed to do now? I have some really important appointments I have to make it to, what am I supposed to do?” said Laurie Johnson, a resident of Chula Vista.

Mini buses and service transporters have been the main focus of the work stoppage. Those buses and vans mainly help with folks who are disabled and have problems getting around.

“I’m really worried about one appointment. I’ll have to save up for cab fare, but normally I’d take the bus home, so now I have to pay for both ways,” Johnson said.

The routes affected are in flux and MTS officials are not involved in the contract dispute.

“We expect this to be happening tomorrow as well, so again in the morning around 3 a.m. or a little later than that, but really early in the morning we are going to know what kind of service levels that we can provide on the mini bus routes as well as the South Bay routes impacted by this as well,” said Mark Olson, a spokesperson for the MTS.