SAN DIEGO — A Friday morning water main break caused major traffic disruption and flooding in Scripps Ranch.

The affected area was located at Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Scripps Lake Drive. The San Diego Police Department was on scene around 5 a.m. and closed off the roadway. The northbound lanes of Scripps Ranch Boulevard were closed between Meanly Drive and Hibert Street and the southbound lanes were closed between Hibert Street and Scripps Lake Drive.

Authorities told FOX 5’s Elizabeth Alvarez that a vehicle almost got stuck while attempting to drive through the area. The water level reportedly went up to the vehicle’s window before the driver managed to make it across the flooded roadway. That’s when police say they were first alerted of the issue.

The affected area is near apartment buildings, and Scripps Ranch High School is also nearby.

Matt Lawson, the school’s principal, released the following statement Friday morning regarding travel to the building:

“At this time, the water main break in Scripps Ranch has not affected the high school other than access via Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Scripps Lake Drive. People may access the school from Mira Mesa Boulevard through the Trader Joe’s parking lot, or via Mira Mesa Boulevard, south on Scripps Ranch Boulevard, then West on Hibert, south on Treena.”

Lawson said they were awaiting instruction from the city to see if water would need to be turned off at the high school. He stated, “Portable water is being mobilized by the district in the event we need to have water turned off. Please plan on a normal school day.”

City of San Diego Public Utilities crews responded to the scene and confirmed to FOX 5 around 9 a.m. that the situation was in control. Crews were assessing the damage and will make the necessary repairs to what was a pretty large water main break.

The pressure from the water was so intense Friday morning that it caused the road to buckle in several spots. Water continued to gush out from underneath the road for several hours causing the water level to rise high on Scripps Ranch Boulevard.

At one point in the morning, a man showed up with a surfboard appearing to contemplate whether to try and surf the road, which he ultimately did not.

Meanwhile, San Diego Gas and Electric also had a power outage affecting the surrounding area, but there was no immediate word on whether or not it was caused by this incident.

By 4 p.m., a city spokesperson said no customers were without water, though some may have low water pressure.

It could be several days before public utility crews make the repairs necessary and things are back to normal in the area.

FOX 5’s Elizabeth Alvarez contributed to this report.